Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Birthday to me.
It always feels good once having set a goal to achieve it.
And the scrumptious dinner, delicious Tuscan chianti and pale pink roses weren't bad either. The thoughtful birthday offerings of a loving husband.
Greeting cards from family on the sideboard.
Left over birthday cake.
And thank you, Next Chapter Books.
Like I said, Happy Birthday to me...

Monday, October 26, 2009


Thursday is my birthday and I have set myself a goal that for me is difficult, taking a further step in marketing the novel, and to achieve that goal on my birthday.
I said earlier that self-publishing is not easy... not easy for a writer who can sit with her imagination, her research and her laptop for hours at a time no prob, but who swears black and blue that marketing her product is hands down more daunting than writing a five hundred page historical novel.
Actually, my daughter's godmother is also a self-publisher, different genre altogther, and she also finds the marketing of her product the worst. And yet she is one of the most outgoing, outrageously extraverted persons I know. So what hope do I, being shy, retiring and chronically hermitic, have of achieving my goal?

On Thursday, or Friday, you'll know. We all will.

Monday, October 12, 2009


So... it's been a while. And where have I been? Being a self-publisher is not any easy gig. There is a great deal to do. The latest in a long line of exacting activities was something very special indeed... embarking on a research trip across the US.
Setting off from a cool and breezy San Francisco, fifteen major towns and cities, nine states (we bought those cool fridge magnets in the shape of states for every one we visited), and several legendary waterways and mountain chains later, my husband and I ended up in Boston.
We hired cars and negotiated the interstate exits, road the Amtrak - those who have not traversed the interior might not realize just how much corn is grown in the US (it's a lot) - and braved the skies... just how much cabin luggage can be sqeezed into one aircraft? American travelers are nothing if not intent at finding this out now that it costs quite a bit to check your luggage.
There was an adventure to be had around every corner.
Invariably a well known song about said corner sprang to mind. Truly.
We met the friendliest people.
At this stage I'm not sure how much to tell about the trip. It would mean divulging destinations and so give away bits and pieces relevant to future Liberty & Property Legends. Researching was the purpose of the trip afterall, but, well, we know it's a big country... it's awesome. I'd hop on the Amtrak tomorrow if I could. I so would. There is something to be said for boarding the California Zephyr at (undisclosed location) at dawn to find coach looking like a backpackers' campsite and a women and children's refuge all rolled into one. We're all come to look for America. And she is amazing.