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This Old Crow



It’s very easy when writing a story to call 'something' by its generic name and mostly leave it at that, but every student of creative writing knows the consistent use of the generic can become a bit lacklustre. So, in The Liberty & Property Legends, by the time whiskey had become less like an alcoholic beverage/pastime and more like a minor character/crutch for a broken heart – right around the time I was do the multitudinous rewrites of volume four The Hour of Evidence – said whiskey needed a name. I indulged in some research and found it one. Whiskey no longer wallowed in generic namelessness; it became the genuine sour mash Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey commonly known as 'Old Crow'.
I’m not a whiskey drinker, but as I understand from various quarters, Old Crow is very good. And whiskey needed to be so; needed to be a willing companion, easy to drink and smooth enough to slacken life’s jagged edges.

As I did, you should have a good time investigating Old Crow on these links:
Dr James Crow is the inspiration behind Old Crow and many consider him to be the true father of Bourbon. While earlier being a physician, Dr Crow brought his scientific approach to whiskey making and forged a famous career.’ - Dan Murphy’s
So you can imagine my dismay when I learned that the modern day Old Crow is not the same recipe as was pre-WW2, which is a pity as I was planning on trying it for myself. If I cannot drink what my characters drank then I don’t really see the point now. According to Wikipedia, the Old Crow recipe and distillery were not kept (Jim Bean now owns the modern Old Crow) and the sour mash recipe perfected by Scottish migrant Dr James Crow in the 1835 is no more.

The historian in me is both fascinated and saddened. Surely a whiskey recipe that gave the likes of Mark Twain, Buffalo Bill and Ulysses S. Grant so much satisfaction, a recipe with a scientifically developed sour mash which led the way in nineteenth century whiskey-making to become an icon of American culture, that Abraham Lincoln famously declared if Ulysses S. Grant drank Old Crow he wanted to send a barrel of it to all his generals, surely it could have stayed. One would think so.
So, if you drink Old Crow at any time, while it is said to be delightfully smooth, you are not drinking the same recipe as in the bottle that Luke gives to Cliff in The Hour of Evidence. That may not bother you as much as it does me.

Personally, I cannot in good conscience advocate imbibing alcohol to relieve your emotional pain, the proverbial drowning one’s sorrows, so let me make that disclaimer right here and now. But one of my babies is having a very bad day and knows it’s likely to be the first of many, and even the best of men have a weakness or two.

'He glances sidelong at the expensive glass of comfort. He pours that good sipping whiskey straight down his throat... refills the glass... downs half of it. The past is a battlefield where the present can’t win.'
from THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE: Deceived, The Liberty & Property Legends, Volume 4

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The seemingly long road to publication of the fourth volume in The Liberty & Property Legends series, THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE, came to an end  with its release in July 2015. It is a great pleasure to have it out there, joining its previous legends, proudly swelling the ranks of the grand saga!

The shocking evidence no one saw coming... 
A lost family secret... 
Two hearts at destiny's crossroads...

Early in the spring of 1885, the murder trial of tycoon Loren Bodecker and the cruel maverick Donnelly commences in Cheyenne. With so much at stake, all eyes are upon this famed Magic City of the Plains, where the scales of frontier justice are poised to weigh the compelling and often bruising evidence. Drawn ever deeper into the labyrinth shaping their pursuit of justice, challenged in both heart and mind, the gallant Alliance & its friends are about to discover truth long withheld.
"There will come a time when the truth will rise up through the mire of lies and murky wrong-doing to reach the surface and show its sad yet radiant light.  And I believe that hour is coming."  ~ Emmaline Roberts
THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE is the fourth volume in The Liberty & Property Legends saga, beginning where Volume Three FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose left off. As the quest continues, as the twists keep coming both inside and outside the courtroom, the next installment in the saga begs the question: what price a well-kept secret?

Available as paperback and ebook from your favorite online bookstore.
'Terri Sedmak’s writing style sucks you back into the 19th century so effortlessly… This is storytelling at its finest!' Gavin D'Souza


'Spritely and engrossing saga... captivating... enduring...'
PS News

There are two wonderful and moving volumes of adventure and romance remaining until the series arrives at its stunning conclusion.

If you haven't started the series, or have fallen behind, now is the perfect time to catch up.
Advanced work on volume five is underway; revisions and rewrites, research checks, not to mention editing, proofreading and polishing the final manuscript all lie ahead. It's going to be a very busy year.

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They Be Gorgeously Gowned


This month on my Pinterest boards I'm featuring a long term and somewhat favourite project of mine, which I am delighted to reveal at last, a board called They Be Gorgeously Gowned

Picturing what the women of The Liberty & Property Legends wear from day to day is quite the luxurious daydream.

Honestly, though, when it comes to writing, to describe every gown, outfit, shoe and hat would become tiresome to read and slow the pace.

As an author, I only describe clothing when I feel it is necessary for character and plot development (or if I think you should know). It also assists in setting time and place.

So this Pinterest board is my way of reveling in those western, gilded age, romantic fashions. And, as well, the aim is to make the images pertain as closely as possible to the books. There is so much glorious detail in fashions of this era, if you like that sort of thing. We can study them and be delighted or amazed, and then let our imaginations do the rest.

To quote the description from my board:
      'From Jennifer's easy get-around-town grace and elegance, Emmaline's stylish but practical work attire, Tressa and Caroline's sartorial refinement, Meg's Bostonian stylings, Raina's gorgeous gilded age glamour, Edith's Manhattan melodrama and Denver's demimonde, to practical ranch wear for Kelley, Amy and Sara, as well as fabulous accessories ~ whatever it is the Legends' ladies get up to, from frontier to city street, I imagine how all be gorgeously gowned...'
I hope you enjoy this board as much as I do! And look out soon for my newest board that will coincide with the release of THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE: Deceived, Volume Four of the grand saga of The West and Gilded Age, which after many months and a long road has arrived. 

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Love Me Some Ranch


Love me some ranch with a river running through it,
set amid sparkling jade hills,
trail horses to ride.
Sunshine days,
wood-smoke and the strum of guitar,
hummingbirds on the porch.
Starlight nights
cabin laughter and beer,
my stellar companions,
and the one who snores!
Tales of prospectors and gold-miners' dreams,
and the graft of stalwart pioneers.
Set me down on some ranch with a river running through it,
and here I will stay for a while.



Pictures: Tank & Ferry Entertainment
Location: Hat Creek Ranch, Cache Creek, BC