Thursday, December 5, 2013

FIRST COUNTRY has arrived!

It’s with great excitement that I’m proud to announce the  arrival of FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose, Volume Three of The Liberty & Property Legends, continuing the lives and loves of the Alliance and friends in their grand adventure of The West & Gilded Age America!                  

I am also thrilled to be making this announcement on my brand new website! I feel very blessed to have this. I am able to update text and pics to my heart's content and it works beautifully thanks to the team at Radius.  I hope you enjoy looking through the pages and finding treasures both new and old. More as time goes by. My deepest thanks for both these huge endeavours, for these wonderful additions to our list of entrepreneurial achievements, and the strength to deliver them both, goes to my amazing partner Tank. The year has been a very productive one, updating the covers of all the Legends volumes to create book covers that now truly reflect the serial nature of the growing saga, producing and publishing the third volume in both paper back and ebook, and working with our  friends at WaveCloud to produce a book trailer for fellow Tank & Ferry author Ava Pashley. And, of course, the new website.

Now I am looking forward to Christmas with my family. And after a lovely rest over the holiday period I will be champing at the bit to get started on Volume 4. I am so pumped for this... even I, who knows what's going to happen next, cannot read to the end of First Country without desperately wanting to read on!