Monday, April 4, 2011

I was reading today a website for independent authors and one particular blog caught my attention in that the author had suffered two hundred rejections from publishers for her book. She realised the only way she was ever going to be published was to self-publish. This she did. Her book went on to win rave reviews and an award and set her on her way. It goes to show how valuable independent authors are to the literary world. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, they are prepared to take risks and deliver to the reading public creative and professional work that mainstream publishers refuse to take on for any number of reasons. This requires a great deal of self-belief and a huge workload beyond the writing itself. And the need to seek out a group of professional people to help. And it is all financed by the independent author. This really is true dedication.
As we move beyond traditional bookselling to online bookstores and e-books, as technology changes the way we create and communicate all the ideas the human imagination can produce, it is becoming clear that writers with skill and determination and self-belief are prepared to become paradigm shifters and carve out their own place in the literary world.
I am so pleased and grateful to be working with the wonderful professional people that have helped me create and market HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels, and who hopefully will be there as the rest of The Liberty & Property Legends series rolls out.