Thursday, January 16, 2014

The season to be jolly is over, and now it's full steam ahead (still with a bit of jolly...)

I hope your Holiday Season and New Year's was all you'd hoped for and more. And now that 2014 is zooming ever onward it's wise to have plans well in hand before the  rapid pace of life has us on 2015's doorstep.
I have received some excited responses to First Country from readers, so my 2014 plan to release the next book in the series - volume four - has definitely had a boost.

Most writers will tell you, however, that starting off is the hardest part. But this far into a series I am aware of all sorts of issues that a stand alone novel doesn't have.

How do I bring readers successfully up to speed with the story so far? How do I top my last book so that the dynamics of the saga doesn't let up? It's got to be better, better, better!!!
Suddenly my simple plan of whipping volume four into shape is complex, huge and enough to have a body staring blankly at the page or scratching the head.


Or worst still, finding a million other things to do rather than putting that plan into action.
That's right - avoidance on a grand scale.

Baking cookies = classic avoidance.  

So it's Keep Calm and Starting Writing... And Keep Writing!  And revising and editing! It's all to do. But my intention to make volume four the best book yet is underway! I should let you in a little secret though.... when all is said and done, it's more fun than you can poke a stick at.