Friday, July 31, 2009


If you were going to nominate the people in your life you can truly count on, you know that included in that special group is your hairdresser. Let's face it, you trust them with one of your most important possessions - your hair. When I began the process of self-publishing my first novel, I shared the highs and lows with the girls in the salon... they always asked how it was coming along, what was going to happen next... their enthusiasm has been amazing. Then the day the books arrived who should buy the first copy but the girls at the salon. At my next appointment, last week, I discovered that there had been some serious reading going on, with some very exciting and encouraging feedback. HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels was out there and entertaining readers!

Then there is my first focus group... kind of a ya ya my old school friends... we had an old school friends launch at a favourite restaurant. Books were bought and signed. Let's face it, they are so lovely and loyal they would have bought a pamphlet on how to raise chickens in your backyard, but they were my first focus group for the cover of the book and I value everything they have to say. And by the way, we are not that old. What I love about them is that while life can separate us for a time when we get together we just pick up where we left off. One of their mums gave me my first feedback on the novel and she loved it.

Just wanted to thank everyone who has bought a book so far. I hope you enjoy it and I encourage you to get online and let me know how you feel about it. Join my list of firsts! Look forward to hearing from you.