Monday, September 20, 2010


Our cutie black moodle has just turned four years old.
My gorgeous proofreader, Anastasia, is twenty three today... happy birthday!
L & PL Volume 2 is in the production phase. The most stressful, I think.
I bought some interesting herbal tea on the weekend that should improve all sorts of parts of me that really could use some improving.
Also on the weekend we took a stroll through Floriade in the nation's capital; so uplifting... so many beautiful tulips, one of my two most favourite flowers! I can never decide on a favourite colour and Floriade has every shade and variety of tulip imaginable. The pointy petal iconic variety; ones with ruffles; colour variegated with white; yellow, of course, every shade of pink, and red!! Also wine, crimson, orange (gorgeous)... impossible to name them all.
The peony is my other most favourite flower. Old fashioned white roses come in next.
So, now I'm sipping my favourite coffee and planning updates and additions to my website for when Volume 2 is published. Nice, though, to take a moment to dwell on those exquisite tulips.
Back to work!