Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm loving the quite recent addition of Facebook to my website. Readers can go to Terri Sedmak - The Liberty & Property Legends facebook page and have their say. But my attention to the fun stuff of facebook has had to take a back seat to the flurry of activity surrounding the most recent exciting development in the L & P L project - the upcoming release and launch in April of HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels, 2nd Edition.

This edition is different than the first in that this one comes with a new publisher, Vivid Publishing (who look after independent authors such as myself for publishing house Fontaine Press), and a media and publicity campaign with the divine Ms JaKe!  A lot of experience and professional know-how comes with this combination.

Response to HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels in its first and localised run has been nothing less than decidedly heartening (pardon the pun) and quite frankly life-changing. Tank calls our 1st Edition the dress rehearsal. And I think it's a very apt description. It means a lot to both of us, but for me I have found so much more confidence in myself as an author and can't wait to bring the whole series to life. The second book in the saga is planned for release later this year, but to prepare properly for the launch of it, we decided to give HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels its fair share of time in the sun.

So, it's all happening. Volume One of The Liberty & Property Legends is in expert hands. If you've been waiting for the second book in the saga, my apologies for the delay, but I assure you it will be worth it. The look of the 2nd edition HEARTLAND will be just a little different, although same cover image and title, but my hope is that the whole series will look and feel just as I've always imagined it would, and now that our dress rehearsal has ironed out our rough patches, we're good to go for opening night.