Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sunday morning. It's lovely and quiet. Morning is my best time to write. My brain is clear. So those first few hours of the day are crucial to those words on the white page. When I'm in the groove, though, often the time of day isn't so important. But when I need a better word, the right words, or I'm in a tricky patch, I can always say I'll deal with that in the morning, and on the whole the morning won't let me down.
Currently, I have two very helpful assistants reading my manuscript, finding typos and generally giving some feedback. Reader number 1, the young lady who is a prolific reader of fiction, is loving the story, the character development and the romance; reader number 2, the gentleman who predominantly reads non-fiction, is exited about the pace and the action, the tone and the feel, the new characters, and reading more about his favourite character from HEARTLAND, Jennifer. So far so good. So for those readers who are looking forward to Volume 2 of the Legends I hope you will be pleased.

It's interesting writing a second novel (and a sequel to boot). There are readers who love HEARTLAND and it's kind of nerve-wracking hoping that the new novel will not disappoint. My assistants say emphatically that I don't need to be worried. So it's full steam ahead!

Now that the novel is at this stage I have forced myself to take a step back from it for a few days to do other important work on the project. This also leaves me time to write a blog. I find writing a novel incredibly consuming. All parts of the brain that deal with writing words go to it and not much else, except for the shopping list.
So now that it's a lovely Sunday morning, everyone else is asleep, the sun is shining through my windows, Volume 2 is in a good place, I can write this. I don't think I've said all that much but it's always good to catch up with people, especially the ones you appreciate for their support and interest. Readers!